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re: Docterfeelgd-Antonidas...Class: Disc. Priest [DECLINED]


* Character Name: Docterfeelgd

* Class and preferred spec for your raid toon: Disc Priest

 Use the "Insert/edit link"button above to change the links below to point to your character. Please make sure they both show you logged out in raid gear, spec and glyphs for the duration of this application (you may optionally provide a link to additional toon profiling sites, but do NOT remove links): 

* Provide a link to a WarcraftLogs or World of Logs report demonstrating your performance in a raid (optional, but highly encouraged): 

* Describe your experience or willingness to raid with other specs: I am willing and im playing with my shadow spec to learn the DPS side

* Do you have any raid-worthy alts: Not Yet

* Describe your raiding experience: I raid with my PVP friends atm. Society of Benevolence-Dunemaul

* What addons do you use for raiding (feel free to include UI screenshots): NPCScan, AtlasLoot, DBM, Garrison Mission Manager, Gather mate2, Iskar Assist, Recount, SellJunk, WeakAuras2


* What timezone are you: EST

* What times of day are you usually online? (server time): well im out of work to do short term disability and dealing with insomnia. So early am hours to late night almost everyday.

* About how many hours per week do you play?: 40+

* We currently schedule raids around 10pm-2am PST, do these times work for you? that might be alittle bit of a problem PST is 3 hours behind me so thats 1am-5am EST. Are there any other times you raid?


* Age (approximate is ok): 45

* Do you have a good computer, stable internet connection and headset? Yes, Yes, Yes

* Do you speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids? Only when necessary I stay quiet and listen to raid leader instructions.

* What can you contribute to this guild? Good team player help all when i can.

* Do you respond well to constructive criticism? Yes i encourage it because I have only been playing WOW for 2 months nearly everyone on this game has alot knowledge that could help me improve.

* Where do you get your information about how to play your character? icy-viens, wowhead, and i ask other players abou there game play.

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re: Docterfeelgd-Antonidas...Class: Disc. Priest [DECLINED]


Undergeared, no raid experience, can't make raid times - denied.

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