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re: Pockie - Hunter [ACCEPTED]


 Character Information 

* Character Name: Pockie (Pockie#1797)

* Class and preferred spec for your raid toon: Hunter - MM/BM

 Use the "Insert/edit link"button above to change the links below to point to your character. Please make sure they both show you logged out in raid gear, spec and glyphs for the duration of this application (you may optionally provide a link to additional toon profiling sites, but do NOT remove links): 

* Provide a link to a WarcraftLogs or World of Logs report demonstrating your performance in a raid (optional, but highly encouraged):

* Describe your experience or willingness to raid with other specs: 

I've played all 3 Hunter dps spec's and I know how to play all 3 well, I always play what the best spec is for current content, or for what the raid requires of me.

* Do you have any raid-worthy alts:

715 Prot Warrior, currently running him with a Heroic HFC guild to try and get more gear, and hopefully get some Fury offspec gear. I also have a 700 ilvl Rogue which used to be my main since Vanilla, but I don't play him much anymore.

* Describe your raiding experience: 

I've been playing WoW since Vanilla Beta, I did all current content during that time period until TBC. When TBC launched I transferred from my original server of Archimonde to Tichondrius when Sunwell first came out. I joined Insomnia on Alliance and raided very seriously with them up until WotLK Ulduar, we were very cosistantly, and I believe they still are, server first on nearly all boss kills and hardmode kills. I stepped away from the game after Ulduar content was cleared until the end of Cata and have been on again off again until WoD launched. With the release of WoD I transferred to Sargeras and joined a mid level guild until myself and select core members decided to break away and create our own Mythic guild called Tantrum. We got to top 20 server on Sargeras with 5/10 M until I had to temporarily leave the game due to my work schedule, unfortunately when I did this the guild broke and split apart. When I came back to playing regularly in November of 2015, I joined Struggle is Real where we have been stuck on 1/13 M due to lack of members logging on for Mythic raids.

* What addons do you use for raiding (feel free to include UI screenshots): DBM, Skada, Exorsus Raid Tools, WeakAuras, IskarAssist

* What timezone are you: -7GMT (Mountain Standard Time)

* What times of day are you usually online? (server time): 1500 - 0200ish CST

* About how many hours per week do you play?: 20 - 30ish

* We currently schedule raids around 10pm-2am PST, do these times work for you? 

For right now yes, I go back to working night shift around the end of April where my shifts will be 2100 - 0630 MST (Monday to Thursday night)


* Age (approximate is ok): 28

* Do you have a good computer, stable internet connection and headset? Yes

* Do you speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids? Yes

* What can you contribute to this guild? Consistency, willingness to learn and excell, also bacon and maple syrup

* Do you respond well to constructive criticism? Yes

* Where do you get your information about how to play your character? I generally get my information from Azotharion's Hunter guide, the Hunter IRC, and simcraft

* How did you hear about ? Open Raid

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re: Pockie - Hunter [ACCEPTED]


App Accepted!

Please contact an officer in-game for an invite to guild once your transfer goes through.

Welcome aboard!

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