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re: Arato, Fire Mage


Character Information 

* Character Name: Arato

* Class and preferred spec for your raid toon: Mage; Fire > Arcane/Frost

 Use the "Insert/edit link"button above to change the links below to point to your character. Please make sure they both show you logged out in raid gear, spec and glyphs for the duration of this application (you may optionally provide a link to additional toon profiling sites, but do NOT remove links): 
Wow-Heroes Click Arato @ US Antonidas or copy/paste
Battle.Net Arato (Simple Display) / Arato (Advanced Display) or copy/paste for simple display

* Provide a link to a WarcraftLogs or World of Logs report demonstrating your performance in a raid (optional, but highly encouraged): Unavailable :/

* Describe your experience or willingness to raid with other specs: Throughout my WoW career, I've never had a class/spec that I couldn't do well as with research and minimal practice. If the current progression needs certain number outputs that my toon's spec isn't pulling, I am 100% willing to change to the better performing spec. Class changing would take more time, as I only have two up to date this expansion.

* Do you have any raid-worthy alts: A Paladin with very mix and mashed gear, in any spec.

* Describe your raiding experience: I used to start PuGs for Karazhan in BC as an awkwardly geared Prot Pally, but never really branched out the entire expansion due to poor game knowledge. I joined my first official raiding guild for Naxx in Wrath as any Paladin spec they needed that night, and took a break during Ulduar and half of Trial. I came back to join a guild that became 5th on the server, albeit late in the expansion. At that time, I mained Ret Paladin and consistently pulled top 3 DPS as well as received our guild's first Shadowmourne. That guild fell apart during the first tier of Cata raids, so I went more casual, raiding with family and friends. I joined another progression guild for Firelands as a Bear Druid, although I really wanted to be a Cat. Everybody wants to be a Cat. They slowed down a lot after downing Rag, so I went back to my Paladin and found a guild for Dragon Soul. Then they disbanded in MoP and I took another long break and basically only did LFR for raiding, changing my main for that expansion to Mage. I leveled my Mage first in WoD and started raiding with a semi-casual progression-ish guild, then stopped halfway through Hellfire. Here I am for Legion, having never stepped into anything more than a Mythic +8. Originally, I mained Paladin for Legion, but was unsatisfied and came back recently to gear my Mage.

* What addons do you use for raiding (feel free to include UI screenshots): "Bartender4" for UI modifying, "MSBT" for clean battle text, the remnant "Omen3" from less simple times to track threat, "Quartz" for an aesthetic, movable cast bar and secondarily, buff tracking, "TipTac" for more information on mouse over tooltips, "Deadly Boss Mods" for dungeons, raiding, and other applicable tricky encounters, "RCLootCouncil" from previous guilds using that system, "Recount" to let me see how I, and others, are performing, and finally "TellMeWhen" is unused, but available for cooldown and buff/debuff tracking.


* What timezone are you: Mountain Time Zone

* What times of day are you usually online? (server time): Mornings around 8 AM, until I have work that day which does vary. Evenings after work, unless I'm closing that night, which also varies.

* About how many hours per week do you play?: If I solely played WoW, about 30 hours a week.

* We currently schedule raids around 10pm-2am PST, do these times work for you? Yes. My wife will have to deal with the late nights of gaming. ;D


* Age (approximate is ok): 23

* Do you have a good computer, stable internet connection and headset? Yes; I damn well better; The headset has a short in the mic, and a new one isn't a priority right now.

* Do you speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids? Yes, and sometimes when unnecessary. But never when I shouldn't be.

* What can you contribute to this guild? Hot DPS and bad jokes. Humor is a given.

* Do you respond well to constructive criticism? Yes

* Where do you get your information about how to play your character? Icy Veins for detailed guides, Noxxic for quick and dirty run downs. Both are considered and applied in game during a practice run to see what works best and which I'd prefer.

* How did you hear about ? Efflo/Furyus is my coworker.

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