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re: Orchid, Fury Warrior[Accepted]


* Character Name: Orchid

* Class and preferred spec for your raid toon: Any melee, warrior currently Fury or arms


* Describe your experience or willingness to raid with other specs: 
    I have not raided with arm in 7.1.5 but I am fulling willing to.
* Do you have any raid-worthy alts: 
    I have a demon hunter that is close. I can transfer a ret pally if needed.
* Describe your raiding experience: 
    I have raided previos expansions with this guild. I did 10 man Ulduar hardmodes, ICC 10 HM, MoP heroic, Wod Heroic and a few mythic.
* What addons do you use for raiding (feel free to include UI screenshots): 
    Skada, Dbm, Bartender, ElvUi, 

* What timezone are you: 
* What times of day are you usually online? (server time): 
    Various times and days depending on my sons school and Lacrosse schedule. 
* About how many hours per week do you play?: 
* We currently schedule raids around 10pm-2am PST, do these times work for you? 


* Age (approximate is ok): 
* Do you have a good computer, stable internet connection and headset? 
   yes to all
* Do you speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids? 
* What can you contribute to this guild? 
   I think I'm fun, sometimes quiet, decent sense of humor. I get along with almost anyone. I do really good numbers when my gear matches the current content.  I don't stand in fire    (usually) 
* Do you respond well to constructive criticism? 
   Always, though I do tend to seek help before it comes to that. I konw who well I perform and if I feel I am not pulling my own I will seek n officer for guidance. I approached slice this afternoon about help and he has been great.
* Where do you get your information about how to play your character?

   Various sources: Youtube, Icyveins, wowlogs, wow forums, mmo-champ and the forums sthey have.

* How did you hear about ?

   Previous member.  real life friends with Lolli and BFF with Tonzy although he no longer plays.

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